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GALAXCO can help your organization to realize the full value of your intellectual assets with our dynamic team approach. Our goal is to make the lives of your employees easier by providing widely shared and more easily updated and improved systems. Our team applies a systematic approach to capture, structure, management, and distribution of your enterprise.

GALAXCO strategically combines front-office solutions (strategy consulting, user experience design, application development) with back-end implementation (customer relationship management, business intelligence, enterprise application integration, enterprise solutions) for maximizing ROI on large-scale, Core IT, and Business projects.

We do not believe in just selling the products, we give a handsome time to our clients to clarify their mind while selecting the package.

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To design your internet resource we examine in detail the image of your brand, and especially by perceiving through the selected target audience eyes. At the same stage of development of web design we also evaluate your competitors. We take it a challenge to create something new and exclusive from existing resources. Web site designing is the main focus of our ideas sharing. The technology of our production is well rehearsed and tested by time.


  • Identifying the potential risks.
  • Features and functionalities.
  • User research.
  • Knowing the target audience.

To design your internet resource we examine in detail the image of your brand, and especially by perceiving through the selected target audience eyes. At the same stage of development of web design we also evaluate your competitors. We take it a challenge to create something new and exclusive from existing resources. Web site designing is the main focus of our ideas sharing. The technology of our production is well rehearsed and tested by time.

Our team of professional web designers is made up of highly skilled staff which includes Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Web Designers, Programmers, Copywriters and Search Engine Optimization Experts. Apart from web designing and re-designing we do specialize in internet consultancy, domain names and web hosting using super-fast servers, online media planning include search engine submissions and placement.


  • First impression is layout.
  • Differentiate your website from the rest.
  • Responsive Web Design .
  • jQuery/CSS3/HTML5 Animation.

Web development is impractical without a well-structured system. A clear distribution of roles in the process of creating the website is the distinguishing feature of our web development work. In order to turn the visitor into a buyer of goods or services, we develop convenient and understandable navigation model and make the structure of developing the website transparent. Application of new technologies for content management helps our clients to maintain and develop the website together with changing business needs.

We are a one stop company for the professional website development, with our comprehensive portfolio of web related services. Our success stories of web development services are seen in the many online businesses on which we have worked. As an IT Solutions company we provide our clients with the latest solutions that fit in flawlessly with their existing systems and enhance their businesses.


  • Establish a starting point.
  • Focus on your business objectives.
  • Develop your own style. Develop your own ideas.
  • Think in global terms.

Our company has developed its own CMS (content management system) , which can easily be customized to the needs of your website. Structure of the website can easily be configured in the administrative section; you can create your own elements of the structure and move them to a tree structure. Each element can be either a text page, or module of your system, or reference to an arbitrary address (URL). In addition, for each element you can specify several alternative URL (alias), which will be available on this website.

Xpert CMS created by the team of GALAXCO (Pvt.) Ltd allow user to edit their content directly within the design of your site. It is quite easy to create pages, forms, add images and videos easily. The CMS has been built with usability in mind. As well as having a highly usable and spontaneous interface, it also includes a built-in context-sensitive help system. Any person who has a little knowledge of computer can easily use the CMS with just one hour training by the trainers of our team.

content management

  • Accurate Page /URL hierarchy.
  • Canonical Redirects.
  • Control over Image ALT attributes.
  • Respect the standards. Think about people.

Our product line collection is grouped of various integrated solutions. We learnt from our projects accomplishment that different industries have diversified needs. One particular solution suitable for any business can never be paramount for other trades. With this approach in mind we effort to deliver the very appropriate and flexible business solution applications. Our E-Commerce solutions really assist companies business to make their desires visible in today's world of competition.

We always prefer the use of latest technologies such as ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server to deliver best of kind ecommerce web sites and ecommerce solutions for our online retail customers. We are pretty clear about the fact that ecommerce is not just adding the shopping cart to the website. We implement all the online business trading techniques which help the client a lot to enhance their business.


  • User Interaction with shopping cart.
  • Security & Reliability.
  • Easy Navigation.
  • Powerful Administrative Control Center.

Advertising Web sites on the Internet, or so-called "promotion" with the strategic application of search engine optimization (SEO), is also one of our key areas of expertise. Internet advertising is a new concept, but highly effective with the modern online techniques. We offer development and promotion of web sites on the Internet for your business development. Our aim is to help clients in achieving their business goals through their websites' SEO and creating solutions through various internet marketing programs aimed at increasing the return on investment.

So far we have worked on several SEO projects and managed to achieve Google top 10 ranking for our projects even for niche keywords. Website in top 10 positions of Google attracts more than 80% traffic and it is not a secret, everyone in the world knows this fact. Same is with the other case that if your website is not in the top 10 positions than surely you will lose 80% traffic. In the modern world of information technology SEO is the fastest growing need for every website that need to enhance their business.


  • Create more awareness.
  • Organic Website ranking.
  • Product sales.
  • Search engine presence is vital.

Graphic designs are visible all over the web to persuade and magnetize us with its creativity and dynamic images. Our Graphic Designers are accountable to deliver visual communication that includes words, images, ideas and even sounds to put across information or message to the audience in best manners. Expert at our company are proficient in arranging and using elements on various sort of Medias like poster, package or website, which is most likely through application of graphic design software programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or In-Design and other for Motion Graphics.

We are more than happy to provide our customers a bespoke design for their website and they can enhance them as well according to their needs. Our team of graphic designing has massive experience and so far they have created many appealing designs. You can see the detail of our graphics work from the portfolio section. Contact us to discuss your design through email or we will be happy to schedule a meeting on Skype if you require.


  • Simplicity is the key.
  • Think Outside the Box.
  • Make it universal.
  • Get your portfolio online.

GALAXCO provides reliable web hosting for your website. We provide services for placing your websites on the Internet and domain registration services as well. With our coordination you can choose the best hosting plan for your personal website, business project and hosting for online data base store. Hosting services available for PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, professional cPanel provides easy hosting management, support technologies WAP hosting. Flexible system of discounts, quality service and a wide range of guarantees for our clients; are truely on reasonable packages. GALAXCO Islamabad office assist you providing web hosting services.

We have flexible web hosting packages according to your business requirement. If you are a big company and need dedicated server, we assure the availability. We have special hosting package for standard website hosting which provide all the features that you need to run your business website, including standard email mailboxes and FTP account. We have been providing web hosting services since 2003 and till now we have those companies in our panel that got our web hosting plans at that time.


  • No Connectivity Problems Ever!
  • Secure and Reliable service.
  • Customer And Technical Support.
  • Dedicated Servers.

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