Our Major Products

Xpert ERP

  • Record your data, secure and easy to use

    A GALAXCO in house build Membership Registration System which can fulfill the need of any organization or lincencing body with ease of use.You can manage the Members data with their personal information to educational and jobs records.

    ERP is always treated as a major business investment and the biggest advantage is its real time capabilities. It is helpful when you deal with high volume of business process. ERP system helps in many aspects and the most important one is that your company will never have inventory shortages or you will never waste your time in transferring files.

Xpert CMMS

  • Manage your asset, with confidence

    Our Xpert CMMS is an affordable, swift, powerful and flexible Computerized Maintenance Management Information System (CMMS). Track and monitor asset maintenance to improve quality, reduce defects, optimize production and avoid costly downtime. It provides a simple interface for equipment management, work orders, preventive and corrective maintenance and much more. Xpert CMMS is user friendly and requires minimal training for staff. Memorable icons make the interface very easy to use for non-technical staff. Quickly and easily produce work orders and work lists, work pending reports and maintenance history reports. Xpert CMMS is Windows based desktop Maintenance Software that will run on Windows XP through to Windows 7 and purely written in managed code and covers following modules.

Xpert CMS

  • Manage your website, like you manage your documents

    Xpert CMS is a web based Content Management System where you can easily manage the contents of your personal or organizational website. It is as simple as your Personal website of 5-10 pages and its as professional as your 100s pages organizational website.You can manage any scale website with easy to use system with just few clicks. Focus of our analysts is on those clients who are aware of Text editing software like MS office, by using our System you can easily manage your websites.

    Structure of the website can easily be configured in the secure administrative section; you can create your own elements of the structure and move them to a tree structure. Each element can be either a text page, or module of our system or reference to an arbitrary address (URL). In addition, for each element can specify several alternative URL (alias), which will be available on this website. On each element of the structure can in addition to the core, place the auxiliary modules, such as module News, Images Gallery or Products listing.

Sale Corner

  • Manage your shop, get the actuall picture of your sale

    Every system has one core component on which the whole organization depends. Point of sale system (POS) is one of them; it helps in almost all the actions performed in any organization. POS needs to fulfill some requirements, so that user can use it with ease: it should be fast, sharp and efficient enough to show the complete picture of the business in no time with 100% accuracy. Reputed organizations are very much dependent on POS all because of its security features and the tracking system of the sales made by each employee. This efficient model boosts your business according to the latest techniques implemented in this era of printed receipts and Credit Card system.

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